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This is the rest space for the pilgrims in Shikoku island , Japan.
This site is located near the road for the pilgrims that go on a pilgrimage to the eighty-eight temples in Shikoku island.
There has been a rest space in this site.
But, it was deep damaged because of the terrible typhoon in 2004.
The people in this district had a dream about constructing the new rest space in this site again.
In 2008, it was start point of dream.
At first, elementary school students painted a fantasy picture of the rest house.
At the second stage, high school students drew the architectural form in the shaped the wave of the ocean.
At the third stage, an architect and university students improved the plan so that we could build this rest space from rectangular lumber that we could get easily in this district.
Finally, high school students constructed the rest space in 2011.
This small building fills with big dreams that a lot of people have.
Now , a lot of pilgrims have a rest in this building.

Aki city , Kochi pref, Japan

Kochi Educational Conference of Construction

Students of Kochi high school of Technology

■Site area: 6213.00m2
Building area  9.72m2
Floor area         9.72m2


school students-1
school students-2
high school students drew